She Is Totally Famous

Wow, I remember a time when I used to blog. It most definitely has not been recent. I pray you are all doing well today. I have not stopped blogging because I have nothing more to say but because I haven't had the time to type it out. I need to invent a thought dictation machine then is waterproof so I can use in in the shower each morning. Of course then I would have to edit out the random thoughts like, "man I need to trim my nose hairs." But seriously, I do have something to blog about today that I should have said a few months back.

My awesome wife has been published! This may be old news to some but I happen to still think it is awesome and we just did a message on Providential Relationships at church and that is what this book is all about. What Book? Wess Stafford has published a book called Just a Minute. If you look at the photos on the top of this blog (sorry if your viewing in a reader or email) you will see the pictures of people in my life that had an impact on me. Most had more than a minute but some of the wisdom and humor that was imparted took just a minute to for me to digest. That moment when you all of a sudden "get it." I have heard it referred to as the "Ah Ha moment." So in Wess' book, my wife was chosen to be published and share her story about a person who had an impact in her life. I hope you will get a copy and read it. Oh yeah, the other stories are great as well.

Check out the book and video below and I hope you will take a minute to share your wisdom with a child in your life. Even if you only get a minute.

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  1. I think "totally famous" is just a bit of an exaggeration!