CTR: JotForm

Back in the day, when I was doing freelance web development stuff, many people wanted me for one specific reason. Take their online form data and put it into a database so they could actually use it. Also, the form had to be created and that was no easy task getting things to line up and actually making sure an email address was in the email address field (validation). Fast forward a few years, yeah maybe more than a few, and now we have great services that make all of this so easy. I am talking about JotForm.

JotForm makes everything easy, you simply go to their website, create a form using their drag and drop form builder. Then share the form with your friends in many different formats. You can even link the forms in your DropBox account and add image uploads.

Do you organize events? I use JotForm for soccer tournament registrations as well as registration for ministry events. After someone fills out the form, it will send me an email, them a confirmation, and place the data in a spreadsheet that I can export as a XLS or CSV file.

Do you give online tests? I have used JotForm to give assessment tests for the courses I taught. JotForm made tallying scores easy as well as keeping track of when the form was submitted so no late projects slip in.

Sell stuff online? You could use JotForm to create an order form for your product. With multiple custom form features and calculations. It would be a breeze, seem like a lot of work. Don't worry, there are tons of templates you can choose from to get you started and themes to keep your forms looking good.

Create surveys for you or your organization? A great way to find out what the consensus is withing any group or organization is to do a survey. I use JotForm to create an evaluation for our small groups at church. Small group members can fill it out with no identifying information allowing the church leadership to evaluate how each group is doing on a regular basis.

Give JotForm a try and you will be super impressed. From the moment you go to their site you will find out that doing forms right is what they are about and best of all, your not going to believe this, you can use all these tools, with no ads on your forms, for free!

You are welcome.