Take the Lid Off Your Church by Tony Morgan

Recently I was awarded a pre-release copy of a book written by Tony Morgan entitled, "Take the Lid Off Your Church."  I agreed to read it and offer a review, so here goes.

The general idea of book is to assist churches with some answers to questions that are generally raised concerning building a  "senior leadership team." One thing I love about this book is the length. I would compare it to the book of Philippians in that you can read the whole thing in one sitting but the principles and ideas would take a lifetime to master. Tony gets straight to the major questions and offers both biblical and first hand advice on how to address leadership team issues like who should be on the team, what the team should look like,  when to build the team and re-build the team, as well as what the role of the team should be.

Little time is spent on church models that don't include this "senior leadership team" structure but I can only assume, that would be a whole book in itself. One thing I didn't like about the book was the commercial for other products offered by the author but most books these days are doing that. I just hope the web links are timely, meaning in twenty years, will they still be there and available.

Ultimate Recommendation: If you are on a church leadership team or even in a position of authority involved in church leadership, these are truly questions you should be asking. Buy the Book! It is a great resource to look back to and offers precise knowledge that can be found quickly. Totally worth it.

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