Zombie Week: Part 1 Zombie Boy

Yes, I am going to devote this entire week after Easter to zombies because I think they are that cool, and at least one is awesome.

Zombie Boy (Luke 7:11-17)
OK. When I say zombie most people, including myself, think of those movies I shouldn't have been watching when I was a kid like "Dawn of the Dead." Because of the Hollywood glamor we far too often don't recognize that zombies are real. WHAT! Yes, zombies are for real. One day Jesus is walking along the road and he sees a funeral procession. There is a widow with a dead son on his way to be buried. Jesus sees this widow and has compassion on her. Without regard to all the time, money, and resources that went into this funeral, Jesus touches the coffin and says, "Get up boy." The boy gets up and says, "BRAINS! ARR!" Well, not really, but he was talking about something, we are not told what. For the most part, contrary to our portrayal of zombies in the movies, zombies in real life are no different than they were when they were alive the first time. And I think it is safe to assume that real zombies eventually died again later in life.
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