What is so Great About the Bible?

The VanishingSo last weekend while in the hotel room before bed, I ended up watching a crazy thriller type movie called The Vanishing1 mostly because Kiefer Sutherland was in it and it attracted me because I always liked him as an actor.

Anyway, the movie ends with the bad guy getting the same punishment as his victim did a few years ago when he murdered her. The male and female good guys are together again and live happily ever after. This is how Hollywood worked at one time, the endings of books and other screen plays were edited to have happy endings or the viewers did not enjoy it as much. We didn't want movies to be too much like real life and bad things happen to good guys. Incidentally, the original Vanishing had the bad guy getting away with it all.
=== END ALERT! ===

This makes me appreciate the Bible even more and one thing that makes it true in my eyes. The Bible does not have infallible heroes. All of the "Good Guys" did not so good things. The apostles abandoned Christ (Matthew 26:69-70), Paul persecuted (Acts 26:15), John the Baptist, Thomas, and Abraham doubted, Solomon is worshiping idols (1 Kings 11:7), Jacob is deceptive, Moses is angered, and David... David has adultery, lust, and murder in his list. Wow! Adam and Eve disobeying at the beginning (Genesis 3:6) and John is worshiping angels at the end (Revelation 22:8).

If someone asks one reason you believe the Bible, ask them to sit down and write a story about themselves. Read it out loud and highlight all the bad things they put in it they have done. Most likely the bad things will be left out. The Bible is honest and real and I love it!

[1] This movie does not necessarily represent the feelings or views of this blogger nor is this an endorsement in any way; however, I do endorse the Bible as the Holy Word of God and think it should be read instead of watching this movie late at night before bed.

Basic 9: The Bible is the Word of God - 2 Peter 1:21, 2 Tim. 3:16

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