There is Something Dead about this Girl

Zombie Week: Part 2 Zombie Girl
(Matthew 9:18-19, 23-25; Mark 5:22-24, 35-43; Luke 8:41-42, 49-56)

Today we find Jesus in the synagogue (in case you didn't know, Jesus was Jewish and followed all the customs) and the leader of the synagogue, Jairus, pleads with Jesus at His feet to please come to his house so his daughter can live. Jesus goes to his house and hears the funeral music playing, apparently the friends and family didn't have as much faith as Jairus. Jesus tells them all that the girls is just sleeping and they laugh at him. Jesus gets angry and sends the crowd away. Once they all leave, he takes the parents and his three disciple in and proceeds to tell the girl in her own language, "Talitha koum" or "get up girl." The girl immediately gets up and starts eating her parents brains... NOT! She does get up and start walking around like a normal 12 year old girl. Jesus told them all not to tell anyone, so it is recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke... no wonder John was the disciple that Jesus loved... LOL. Sorry zombie fans, once again a real zombie is just like she was before she died the first time and once again she most likely would die again some day.

Find out more about Jewish customs:
Jewish Customs and Traditions: Festivals, the Synagogue and the Course of Life (Exhibition Guide)

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