Zombie Finale

Zombie Week: Glad it is Over

He Has Risen!!
The last real zombie I am going to post about is my favorite one of them all. There are many reasons He is my favorite but, given this most recent holiday and inspiration for this post, the fact that He is the only one that did not die again and won't be dying anytime soon is what makes Him awesome (well at least one thing). Yup, you guessed it, my zombie is none other than Jesus.

Now before you label me as ignorant and guilty of apostasy, please keep in mind I am not making light of the Easter holiday in any way unless you focus on the bunny, candy, and eggs. Please don't think I am just joking and have drifted from my core beliefs. This blog is about organic Christianity, basics are what I am all about. So here goes.

Jesus steps onto the scene and dies a gruesome death on the cross while bearing all of our sins on Himself (John 12:23). Three days after He died, as promised, we find a tomb open and Jesus not inside of it
(Matthew 27:63, 28:5-6). Death has been conquered in this final story for the last time and now we can all live forever (a mighty long time let me tell ya) as a free gift from our savior (2 Timothy 1:10). Zombie Jesus took some time to be with people before heading to sit at the right hand of the Father as an intercessor for us and our prayers and preparer of our homes in Heaven. Thank you Jesus for all of this.

The reason you got together with your family and had a ham dinner or opted for the Chinese buffet or ignored all your friend's invites and sat home alone wallowing in self pity or you were just too far from home and people where you live don't celebrate Easter the same way is because Jesus rose from the grave and now offers eternal life to us all (Revelation 22:2).So for all you zombie movie loving fans out there, I still think those zombies are cool but real zombies are even greater. "Argh.. BRAINS!" something you hear from a pirate zombie.

Basic 10: Jesus rose from the dead in His physical body - John 2:19-21

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