Dude What Reeks?

Zombie Week: Part 3 Buddy Zombie  (John 11:1-44)

I understand you may be tired of the real life zombie stories so rest assured I only have two more. Today we find ourselves with Jesus hearing the news that a friend of His had died and He was too busy and it was too dangerous to go to him. Jesus decides to use this opportunity to show the people and the disciples His real power and purpose. Four days after his buddy Lazarus had been buried, Jesus goes back to the town. Lazarus' sisters are quite upset that Jesus didn't come earlier because at this point the body was stinky and there was no returning. People, why do you insist on making Jesus angry?! So, Lazarus gets the privilege of not only being a real life zombie but a real life mummy as well. Jesus has them open up the tomb and says, "Lazarus come out!" Out walks a very stinky guy, which may have been normal for Lazarus, no wonder they kept so much perfume in the house (John 12:3). One last note, like the others, Lazarus was just like he was before, just a little more stinky and we can assume he died again someday to put that tomb to good use.
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