It Bothered Me More!

A couple days ago, as I was running to get the kids ready go somewhere, my spouse is in blow-drying her hair, and the doorbell rings.  We don't normally have a drop-by from our friends so I instantly know this is just going to add to the chaos.  I go to open the door and their is a women standing their with her 2 or 3 year old child Abby. The mom has two booklets she wants me to read: 1) the Watchtower and 2) It Came from Nature. She said, "I sense this is a bad time for me to visit you, so would you please read these because, ..." then she starts reading  a verse from 1 Timothy. At the same time, my children begin yelling for me to do this or that and I honestly don't even remember what verse it was.

In fact of the whole experience I only remember three things:
1) She said that "everything came from nature first" more than once (Not even a JW belief)
2) She read something from 1 Timothy and I remember internally wondering if she had even read the rest of that book, especially the false teachers part (1 Timothy 1:5-7).
3) The face of that little girl named Abby because my heart breaks for children that will be raised to not know the truth of the Gospel and will instead be hurt and blinded by false terminology.

I looked at the coffee table that evening where three Compassion child packets are sitting and realized how thankful I am to organizations like Compassion that work through local churches and do everything in the name of Jesus Christ. How much more hope can you offer a person really, than a Savior who loves you and longs to be in a relationship with you?  The God that created all of nature, desires to know you and live inside of you. I am not sure why this lady is dragging her little girl around to strange houses but I imagine they have also adopted a family ministry approach to things. One thing I do know, it bothered me more because of it. 

Also, if you are interested in sponsoring this child, let me know.
Meshark Thophil (Tanzania)

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