Happy New Year 2014

Dear readers, Thank you for watching this blog despite the few and far between posts these past four years. It is hard to believe it had been that long already. I hardly think three posts over the past year can be considered a blog anymore. What Happened!?

This year has been filled with a lot of reflection, crazy events, and reflection on crazy events. Here are some things to look for next year:
  1. No more organic-christian.com domain. This won't effect most readers but during this year organic-christian.com will become organic-christian.blogspot.com full time.
  2. More Posts. I hope to share more this year as the blog takes a more personable turn. There will still be Theology but I will also mix it up a bit which brings me to..
  3. More Topics. I really don't want to maintain two blogs so I am going to move everything to this one.
  4. New Look. This won't be apparent to those using feed readers or email subscriptions but I will let you know when it happens so you can look at it at least once.

Finally, I pray your new year is a great one. I will leave you with one tidbit I picked up from Cody Lundin, "knowledge is very light weight and easy to carry."

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