Build A Kitchen in Lima, Peru

Okay readers, here is another opportunity for you. My friends ar Clover are partnering with Skip1 to build a kitchen for an orphanage in Lima, Peru. They are going to match every dollar you give up to $15,000. The entire cost is $30,000 for the entire build.

Here is the situation: There's an orphanage large enough for 32 at-risk kids (that was once open), but has recently been closed by the city because their kitchen and dining room were inadequate for the orphanage. In order to open the orphanage back up and bring kids back into the orphanage, there needs to be an adequate kitchen and dining room built. Completing this small and absolutely attainable project will change the lives of these kids and bring hope to their entire community.

I know many of you get asked to give a ton right around this time of year, but I wanted to bring this need in front of you to see if you wanted to share with Clover in helping change these special kids' lives. You can use the links below to research about everything I have mentioned here.

Chilca Kitchen Project: Skip1 & Clover from Skip1 on Vimeo.

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