World Water Day

I thought I would take some time to post about an important topic. Today is World Water Day! I know it is a weird event and odd how we have to name days, weeks, and months after the causes we support as if it is a holiday that you don't get off of work for. I always remember February is Black History Month from elementary school growing up. But whether it is an actual holiday or not, it is a real cause and a real concern. I have posted here about this issue in the past and today I thought I would provide you with another opportunity. This time, instead of being original, I am going to use another's post without permission. I can only hope she will forgive me:
Random Thoughts by Jennifer Wilson
When I was in Peru, our trip leaders were continually handing us bottled water every time we exited our bus or prepared to go on a home visit. The water there could have been our worst enemy, yet the kids there drink it everyday. It was weird to think that the clean water that my son snubs every day when I offer it to him is the very thing children his age are walking miles to get to in other countries. When it rains here, I find that I can no longer complain about it, because I think about the farmers in Africa who pray for enough rain to grow their meager crops, so they can survive.

Today is world water day. The Compassion blog today addresses the need for clean water across the globe in this post World Water Day 2011 — How Can Clean Water Make a Difference?

If you think that children should be able to go to school, instead of spend a great portion of their day transporting water, which is still often filled with contaminates, there is something that you can do. You can contribute a monetary donation to Healing Waters International, Sponsor a Child, or you can simply share the needs of those who are struggling with lack of substantial water with others.

Thanks for reading.

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