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I woke up this morning and hit the snooze on my iPod, went into the bathroom and, well you know what happens in there, brushed my teeth, went out to the kitchen, got some chocolate milk for the kids, then washed out their cups or refilled them so the milk residue don't spoil as it sits. Then I went in to get a shower, a hot one because it was a cold morning. This is pretty much my daily routine. The sad part about this to me is, I know that in the time it took to do all of those things, children have died because they didn't have the water it takes to do all of those things. Who will speak for them? Today, thousands of bloggers are focusing on the clean water problem, not only locally but globally. I talked about water not to long ago so I won't re-hash all those statistics because you can read that post here.

I want to change direction today. Most of you can look through my routine and say, yeah.. I do that stuff every day but not everything you did took water.. you would be wrong. You see, my iPod takes water because it uses energy and energy comes from water my friends.
"Plug your iPhone into the wall, and about half a liter of water must flow through kilometers of pipes, pumps, and the heat exchangers of a power plant.[1]"
To make it clear, no water equals no electric either. On top of that, remember the chocolate milk I got for my kids, it took water to make it and energy to do whatever they do to it to make it not taste like a cow udder. Maybe now you are curious at how much water you actually use, well check out this app for your iPhone/iPod Touch [2].

My intent is not to make you feel guilty, my intent is to help you realize how important water is and that a majority of the worlds population doesn't even have the most basic of elements available and/or accessible and together we can help eliminate this problem. Here are the action steps if you want to get on board:
  • Help Build Wells: opportunities for this are on my previous water post.
  • Conserve at Home: Not just water but energy as well.
  • Don't Pollute: By throwing stuff in the water and even on the ground where it eventually ends up in the water, it takes more energy to clean it and make it safe for use.
Here is a video showing what it would/could be like in New York City.

[1] The Coming Clash Between Water and Energy
[2] The Virtual Water Project

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