6 Days to Complete Resolve

Yes, the new year has been here for 18 days now and people are still talking about resolutions and at this point breaking them. There is a chance that some of you have also jumped on this resolution band wagon and are about to break yourselves. I just want to make one thing clear before moving on; There is no such thing as "New Year Magic" that makes things happen on there own! Basically I am saying, as I have said before, if you know you are doing something that you really need to change (perhaps should not be doing), you don't have to wait for a new year to make a resolution or repent (to turn or change your mind about something).

Lets say you put a scratch across the hood of your friends new car. You then proceed to tell him, I will apologize when next year hits but for now I am going to add a few more scratches. No! Chances are you would apologize immediately. So, if you are doing bad things to yourself, don't wait, change Now! Anyway, here are the top 6 areas people generally resolve to change in the new year:
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Money & Debt
  • Personal Organization
  • Addictions
  • Education
  • Spiritual
My goal is to take the next five days and post a little about each area and try to help you out (assuming it isn't too late, there is no such thing as too late). So keep reading and over the next five days you will be a whole new person because the "New Years Magic" is still in effect until the end of the month, then you will most likely have to pay taxes on it. By the way, Barna Research agrees with me that these are the top areas (sort of) and if you haven't seen this article, you should read it now.

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