5 Things You Need to Know About Small Groups

You may be in a healthy small group environment if...

1) ... you have 9 - 11 other people that will check on you, call you, email you, to make sure you are not giving in to the sin you continually commit that you expressed you needed help with just one time.
2) ... you can get 10 - 12 people to take care of one another when life happens by giving their time and other resources unselfishly and without expecting anything in return.
3) ... you have 9 - 11 other people to call and talk to if you are having a bad (crappy) day, even if they are having one too.
4) ... you can get 10 - 12 people in one room together that pray for one another as a group but are praying for each other when they are not together as well.
5) ... you can get 10 - 12 people in one room together from different places in life and have them truly be concerned for one another and what is happening in each others life.

Are you a part of a small group or would you like to be? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. 


  1. I have to add one! You have so much fun with 9-12 people, that you get really bummed when you have to miss a week.

  2. Agree. It is odd really, I generally begin by saying I really don't want to be around people tonight (my personality), then by the end of the night, I am thinking.. I am so glad to be here tonight, I love these people. I also need to add, it would be hard for you to miss since you are the host. :)