Where Do I Go From Here? Help?

Okay, It is Tuesday and I have not posted in a while. Let me assure you it is not from a lack of writing. I have stayed as busy as humanly possible, while taking care of my two children, while my wife was out of town. The truth is, due to some positive critics of my blog, I need to make some changes if I wish to keep up with this one plus the three other blogs I maintain and I have simply been planning what and when to say things.

Now, I often would just go into my mind, chart out a plan, write it down, and go forth. I want to do something different this time. What would you, as a reader, like me to talk about on here? What post do you value more than others? Are there things you have been wondering about and I may be able to add some insight into? I understand that only 9% of blog readers actually comment on a blog post, but this one time, would you re-consider and let me know what you think? Just add a comment below.  Please!? If you don't want to comment, would you please use the poll to the right to give me some guidance? Thanks in advance.


  1. Let's talk about stuff like sex, drugs, and rock n roll!!

  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence Mr. Eddie. Rest assured Mr. Anonymous (journalboy) that sex, drugs, and rock and roll are already on my agenda. Where do you want me to start?