Balance, A Dish Best Served Hot

The test of time is a characteristic of a successful blog.  I have had so many ideas for posts over this week but because life has began to live me instead of me living life, I have not even took the time to write them down.  I am not surprised at the events that transpired because I knew all the schedule changes were eminent but that didn't stop them from whacking me over the head.  Commute, Work, Soccer, Gymnastics, Ministry, Websites, Home Repairs, and other stuff have taken over and limit my amount of time and ability to get everything done while ensuring my relationships don't fall or fail in the frey.

I had a professor in college that hated the word "balance" because the line can never be defined and maintained and the formula for each individual is different.  Is there really such a thing?  A balanced answer would be yes and no, so the answer itself does not even provide stability of conscience or mind. Philosophically that means balance is the epitome of confusion which makes it even more confusing. Are you confused yet? Good, that is the first step in achieving balance, knowing you have a problem.

This isn't the first time this issue has arrived in my life so I fully intend to move on to step 2 at this point. This is probably the most difficult step of all of them, Persevere.   You have to keep going regardless of how you feel or how busy you become.  I know you are having to do things half way and are frustrated by it, well maybe that is just me, but something is better than nothing.

There are so many ways to do this, my only advice is to not let tools become part of the problem. A pen and paper work just as good as Google Tasks, Teux Duex, or whatever the popular thing is these days.  The only rule of thumb in this area is to focus on relationships both with God  and others that are necessary.  It is not that they are all not important but my immediate family comes first then you just go out from there. This is the reason you have not had many posts this week, because playing gun battles with my son are much more important than the chance that anybody is actually reading this blog anyway.

I have so much trouble in this area but the idea is, if it is really unimportant, delete it from the list and apologize up front if necessary. I know it hurts to give up what may be a future dream or opportunity but the reality is, without relationships, there is nothing new under the sun and everything is meaningless (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

I would like to say you are done and at this point you have reached balance but the truth is you have to start all over again every time. EVERY. TIME. There is also the fact now that you read all of this post you could have been catching up on something else and further, it may not work for you. It is quite possible it only works for me.

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