Stop Breaking the Law!

I had to try it. I just had to do it. The peer pressure was too much. What did I do, you wonder? I tasted some hot sauce! Yup, as he pulled out the tiny vile of distilled peppers to their purist hotness. I felt as if this may be a bad idea but I was already there and already commited to those around me that I would indeed partake and endure the pain to come. Now, a day later, I still have some numbness on the back of my tongue. Why did I do it?

Transition to the Israelites in Exodus (Exodus 20:2–17), God gives the ten commandments, the Law, not as a list of does and don't but a list of bad ideas to do if you indeed are my follower.  I mean come on.  It just makes sense that you shouldn't kill people, you shouldn't lie, cheat, and steal.  It makes sense when it is happening to you anyway.  You generally don't like people lying to you or stealing from you.  Let me submit that if the circumstance was right and you hardened your heart and became committed to the idea, you would lie, steal, and cheat others with little to no remorse.  I know this from experience, I use to be a thief, I stole stuff I had plenty of money to buy for myself just to get away with it. Why did I do it?

Granted, tasting hot sauce and stealing are two different things but the concept and decision making that went into both were the same. 1) The idea presents itself (Proverbs 16:9).  2) We make a decision in our mind. 3) We act on the decision without further process of logic (assuming we act quickly, time breeds more logical analysis). This process in general if referred to as decision analysis.  For most of us this process breaks down because our only priority is self, fun, now or in other words, "If I do it it will make me look cool and it will be fun for the moment" (1 Corinthians 10:23).  Rarely do we take into account out past and our future. So here is my advice to you, STOP!  We need to make wise decisions.  I understand that for each individual there may be a different cognitive style but since every decision generally ends the same way, make it a wise decision.

Examine your past. Is there anything in your past that may be a bad behavior or habit that is influencing you?  It may not be a good idea for you to do something based on a family history of abuse of it..  Don't drink alcohol if your parents were total alcoholics.  Examine your future.   How will this decision effect your future, it may not be a good idea to listen to loud music now if you want to be a pilot in the future. You may not want to take mom and dads car out without a license and speed down the road if you ever want to drive. A friend of mine told me that his mom always told him, "When in doubt, do without." I know this is hard advice, I don't like doing the wise thing most of the time, I am still a work in process, but I challenge you. Whether you hate this post or love it. Before you decide to do something, think about it! (Matthew 6:24)

Oh, if someone hands you a coffee stirrer with hot sauce on it that came from the tiniest bottle you ever saw and a bio-hazard label on it, go ahead and lick it clean, it is not hot at all. Be sure to get some video though, because I always enjoy a good laugh.

Basic 4: Sin separates us from God - Isaiah 59:2

This is a great read if you make a lot of decisions.
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