It's Your Birthday Shorty!

I wished my son a happy birthday today. He has been with us now for six years. Amazing really how fast it went and how big he has grown. We took him out for lunch from school today to get some pizza at the best pizza place in West Virginia and possibly the world (I know not everyone agrees). Although there are a lot of things I love about my son, I am going to focus on six things for his sixth birthday.

  1. His tender heart. He already holds relationships in high regard over unimportant stuff. His heart breaks easily at the loss of a friend or when others dis-approve of his other friends. He is able to genuinely care for others in a way I wish I could. 
  2. His thoughtfulness. He is regularly thoughtful of others and shows it. On a regular basis he is thinking of our Compassion International children and the child sponsored by his Sunday school class. He always wants to give them stuff and pray for them. I hope he always keeps this in his character.
  3. His love for his sister. Well they fight a good bit too, but when the rubber hits the road he would do anything for her. I hope it always stays that way even through those years of competition and rebellion, I hope they always stay close through it all. 
  4. His music choices. Yeah he enjoys the rap and hip-hop music his dad listens to and a good hard rock band every now and then. We often can be found singing out loud and jamming on his way to school. 
  5. Imagination. Yeah, he can make up the craziest stories off the cuff. Dogs with super powers, merged super heros, swimming through swamps.. we have done it all. You have never had as much fun as being a cowboy with laser eyes and space weapons. 
  6. Pizza! Yup, our slogan since he was three has been pizza everyday. I am pretty sure, if we were allowed, that would be our three squares on a daily basis. 

I love you son. I pray that you are a might man of God and that you accomplish great things in Jesus' name. That you would always seek His will and draw near to Him that he may draw near to you. -- Amen

Basic 6: Man did not evolve, he was created - Gen. 1:26

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