Advent: Week 3

Third Sunday: December 16, 2012 - The "Shepherds Candle" (pink, or rose-colored candle) is lit and represents joy.

Have whoever is lighting the candle read:
  • "We light this candle in great joy; Jesus is our joy!"
  • How can we experience joy when we worship God?
  • How can we experience joy on regular days?
  • Do others see joy in us even when we face disappointments?
John 15:10-11
  • Gather two glasses — one tall and narrow and the other short and wide. Pour equal amounts into each glass.
  • Then, introduce your family to two wonderful Christian "ladies." Tell your family Miss A (the tall glass) won an Olympic gold medal in figure skating and lives in a mansion, while Miss B (the short glass), uses a cane to walk and lives in a little cottage. Tell them the water represents the joy the ladies have in their hearts, and ask your kids to guess which lady has more joy.
  • Now place two identical empty glasses in the center of the table. Pour the water from Miss A into one and the water from Miss B into the other. This will demonstrate for your children that the amount of joy is the same for each lady regardless of her circumstances.
Blow out the candles!

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile
can be the source of your joy." - Thich Nhat Hanh

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