5 Blogs I Read Everyday and Why!

For me one of the greatest inventions was the RSS feed. I am able to get all my news and other information from one place in the same format and only the stuff I care about. One of the things I care about are the Blogs that offer great information to me on a daily basis. But I have found, just like your stocks, you need to diversify so you are not overloaded with the same information at the same time. So here are the 5 blogs I must read everyday and why I read them (in no particular order).
  • Compassion International HOPE. With all the bad news happening in our world everyday, I appreciate hearing the stories of hope offered by this blog. Stories that encourage people and demonstrate how doing your part can make a huge difference, not only in another persons life, but often in their entire community and/or country as well. I love what this organization is doing and hoe they work with the local churches in other countries to make things better for children. I can't wait to tell my sponsored child that I love him like I get to tell my kids every morning and night.
  • Tim Challies INSIGHT. I am just generally interested in theological topics and often Tim provides excellent insight into the things I care about. He also gives away free stuff each Friday which is another reason to go there. I have never met him in person but I imagine we would get along and consider him a great brother in Christ.
  • Decapolis COMEDIC INSIGHT. Also, a brother in Christ, Conrad. His style of humor mixed with biblical insight always makes me hungry for bacon. Of course, like Conrad, there are not many times I am not hungry for bacon. I also enjoy his quick witted comments that make me actually laugh out loud (LOL). Like, "God has called me to a web designer, a husband, a writer, a board member at a Christian school, a model, a ninja and a zombie killer" or "You might have ‘peace’ because your boyfriend bought you the 27 Dresses DVD and it doesn’t look like he’ll be leaving you." So check it out if you get a chance and if you don't enjoy it, add some bacon to your next Subway sandwich for a whole new taste.
  • Dilbert LAUGHTER. There are some times I need a bit of reality after laughing and getting insight from the previous blogs so I read Dilbert to remind me to laugh at myself as well.
  • Christian Personal Finance ADVICE. You can never learn too much about stewarding your finances. This blog offers the best advice from many different contributors and gives practical tips on how to manage and maintain you money. Even if there are things that I already know, I find it doesn't hurt to know you are on the right track or be encouraged to get off the wrong one.
These are all things I need in my life that help me through each day. You don't have to read the same ones but you should try to at least find a place to go for stories about these general categories each day. HOPE.COMEDY.INSIGHT.ADVICE. Are there other blogs I read? Yes! Most are personal from people I know and perhaps I will share the others with you another time.

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