Oh Country, My Country

It was the year 1918 and the country was in the midst of a World War, the first to be recorded on the books. It was in this year on the 11th day of November that the war had come to an end. Today we celebrate in remembrance of this day in history as, at a close, 116,708 of the American Military gave their lives for our country, in order to terminate the "Central Powers" advance. We also take time on this day to share this sentiment with the rest of those who have given their lives, served our country, or are serving our country in the American military since that time through today.  

Thank You.

It is no secret that our country is not perfect. We take more things for granted everyday. But America is more than just a country we love, it is an idea, that people can come together and be free and live in that freedom. From E1 to Officer, there are men, women, and even children joining our military because they believe in that idea and want to protect that freedom, protect that idea. I know some have joined under the pretense of a promise of paid education and last chance mentality, but even they are part of that team of people we call the U.S. Military. No matter what you think of war and the politics involved, take some time today and thank these soldiers. You can do it personally if you know one or in prayer, but be thankful as we approach the thanksgiving holiday for our veterans.

How often we fail to realize our good fortune in living in a country where happiness is more than a lack of tragedy.  ~Paul Sweeney

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