I Am Not Asking

Blogging is tough to keep up with at times as any blogger will tell you. The other day and person from work stopped by and said, "Hey, I saw your blog. That is cool that you are asking for money for that kid." I just said thanks but my mind was going crazy because I never looked at it as asking for money. Looking back through my posts, money seems to be requested quit often but let me assure you, "I am not asking!"

I write and post about the things that are dear to my heart and one of those things happens to be helping the majority of the world's population that live in poverty every day and specifically helping develop the children in those areas to be future leaders that can lead their countries out of poverty in the future.

So if you are reading this, trust me, I have not made a single penny on this blog and don't intend to. If I do receive a check for a referrer or affiliate account it will promptly be placed in the hands of one of the causes listed on this site. Further, I am not asking for money, I am providing you with an opportunity to help me fight poverty or whatever may be the need at the time. It is up to you to decide to give or not.

Now that the debate is settled, I want to give you an update and tell you THANK YOU! for taking advantage of the recent opportunity I provided. I wrote about a little boy named Achile that needed surgery. Generously. More money was raised than needed. I don’t have an official total number but it’s at least $26,000 that was raised/given and only $20,449 was requested for the surgery. The excess will go into Compassion’s medical assistance fund to heal other children in need. Thank you for giving!

Achile made the long trip from Brukina Faso in Western Africa to specialists in India and the surgery went off without a hitch. He’s doing great!

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