Survey Says!

If you really want to make some money open up a gymnastics center.. I paid a monthly fee for her to train, paid another fee for my daughter to participate in the performance, and paid for a ticket to see the performance, but the best part about it all is, it was worth it! I would have paid 20 times as much to see what I saw. The things they did were the standard things I had seen before, back bends, trampoline jumps, bar flips, somersaults, cartwheels, etc... At the end of it all, they called each child up, gave them a medal, and let them wave or do whatever they wanted on top the winners stand.. child after child my hands were getting sore from the clapping.. I am thinking .. how many kids are in this thing? And I looked at the guy next to me and he smiled and verbalized what I was thinking.. then it happened.. they called her name, she stood up on the platform, then she looked out into the audience from left to right, she was looking for somebody and then she spotted me and in stead of clapping, I gave her the double thumbs up. Her face made an expression that only can come from a daughter looking for her fathers approval and my heart was joyous. Praise God I live in a country where these opportunities are possible.

The more I thought about this, it really demonstrates the need for the Father's approval. This is something we all seek whether we realize it or not. Every time we make the right decision or do a good thing, we tend to survey the spectators, looking for that one individual that is giving the thumbs up instead of clapping. That one that we have allowed to influence our lives and we trust in their opinion. I know at times it is hard to visualize but I can assure you, as you look from left to right, after making the wise choices in life, God is sitting there with a joyous heart holding two thumbs up. My prayer for you is that you are allowing Him to influence you and value His opinion.

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