From There to Here

So a few years ago when I started using Facebook (FB) more regularly, I decided to fill out the rest of my profile information.  There was a section in there that asked about my "Religious Views."  To most this may be an easy answer, but for the first time in my life I had found myself in a transition stage between two churches.  The interesting part about this was, there was nothing wrong with the old one, and we were not leaving town.  I was just getting involved with the new church and wasn't totally sure of anything but the core beliefs.  Long story short, my "Religious Views" were not a cut and dry decision.  So what should I put in there!?  I thought about it for maybe a few seconds and typed: Christian - Organic.  I had full intention on changing it eventually but it caused many of my friends to ask, What does that mean?  I also had a couple comments, "it looks like you are part of a cult or something."  So with much question and controversy over what seemed at the time a quick decision, I now am going to leave it there forever or until FB goes belly-up.  I also decided just recently to start this blog to explain my split second decision.  So I invite you, my soon to be readers, to hang on and take this journey of faith with me.
"It will be a hard life but in it you will find out who you are." 
 -- StarWars

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